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The basic Mapreels rules:

  1. When you post a reel, it is assumed that it’s your work. If the reel you posted is flagged, attempts will be made to contact the Vimeo or Youtube member to verify ownership. Owners have 72 hours to verify ownership, or the reel will be taken down.

  2. Be nice, or get banned.

  3. Mapreels is in BETA, which means it’s still being developed. There will be bugs.

  4. No porn. Ever. ¬†For that matter, disturbing or illegal videos will be immediately banned, and the final decision is entirely Mapreels administration’s decision.

  5. Mapreels is 100% free for now. The core functionality will always be free, but we reserve the right to find ways to pay for our servers.

  6. We’ll never, ever, ever sell your information. Ever. That’s not how we’re going to make money.

  7. These terms of service are always being adjusted. We’re going to update them, and reserve the right to do so without informing you.

  8. Seriously, be nice to each other.

  9. Inappropriate usernames will be banned.

  10. Have fun.