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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mapreels cost anything to use?

No! The core functionality of Mapreels has, and always will be, free. Currently we’re in the beta testing phase. Additional features may be added in the future, and some may require a nominal fee.

I have a recommendation for a feature!

We’d love your suggestions. Go to our contact page and send us your idea!

How do I delete my account?

Send us an email at [email protected], from the email account you used to setup your account, and we’ll delete your account at your request.

How do the tags work? Are they important?

Tags are very important. Add tags that are unique to you, and your reel. Tags can include your name, type of camera you used, lenses, editing software, color profile, location, and more. When people search for certain keywords (for example “anamorphic” your reel will come up in the results if you tagged it with that keyword.

Can I advertise on Mapreels?

Advertising options are still being worked on. Send us an email at [email protected] if you’d like to talk more.

What if someone posted a reel that isn’t their work?

That’s a no-no. Send us a link to the reel, and we’ll pursue it, and if it can’t be proven to be their work, it will be taken down.

Can I upload more than three photos?

We’re testing that, but for now, no.

What are the “custom fields?”

Mapreels puts you in control of how much information is shared publicly. If you want to add more information, the custom fields are where to do it. For example, under TITLE: You can put “Phone” (without the quotation marks) and under VALUE: You would put your phone number. You can add anything you want here, like open hours, email addresses, availability, and more. The world is your oyster.

I don’t want the map pointing right to my house.

No problem. You can add just your zipcode, or drag-and-drop the pin (on the map on the right of the “submit reel” page) to wherever you’d like it.


No problem- please click here to Email us.

Find a bug? PleaseĀ click here to submit a support ticket.